Margery A. Moore


Margery Moore spent many summers as a young girl on Salt Spring Island after her family moved there from Ontario in the early 1980s. She relocated permanently to Salt Spring Island at age 18 with her mother to work and live on the island between semesters at the University of Victoria, where she received her B.Sc. in Natural Resource Management, and later her Masters in Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS). After receiving her Masters in 1999, Margery pursued her environmental career in the United States.

After ten years, once again she calls Salt Spring home, now with a vision to continue her environmental work through the Salt Spring Institute for Sustainability Education & Action (I-SEA), of which she is President. While building I-SEA, she is also consulting with several organizations internationally on environmental information management research design and development. As President of I-SEA, Margery has facilitated workshops and projects for 100's of students as well as for island locals.


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Marion Pape

BOARD member

Marion Pape is Board Member of I-SEA.  She has a broad background in working on political, environmental and peace issues. She served on the Steering Committee of The BC Sustainable Energy Association, Victoria Chapter since 2012 and chair from 2013-16. She championed the development of the BCSEA Speakers Series and “Federal Election Candidates Debates; Energy, Climate and Our Future, 2014-15”. She currently serves as a member of the 100% Renewable Energy (RE) team working with municipal councils in the Greater Victoria Region to declare themselves 100% RE Cities and engage citizens in meeting its climate justice goals.

Marion is a member of the Core Team of Greater Victoria Acting Together, (GVAT) which is dedicated to the organization of a broad based coalition of local groups, faith organizations, labour unions, community and environmental organizations to advance the common good. She is also Vice President of the Board of First Unitarian Church of Victoria (FUCV)  working to build skills of relational organizing to build leadership and effectiveness both within the church as well as the greater community.

As former Nova Scotia Provincial Librarian, Project Coordinator of the Salt Spring Earth Festival Society and Chair of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace for 5 years, Marion has involved herself in many innovative, community based projects to engage and connect people together towards common solutions.

Marion is mother of Andrew Pape-Salmon and Nana to grandson, Sheamus. She lives in Dockside Green, a LEED Platinum model environmental development in Vic West in Victoria. She lends support to organizations like Raven and Pull Together. She is an avid Nordic pole walker, cyclist and hiker in beautiful Victoria.



Peter Allan

executive Director BOARD member

Trained as an art historian with studies at McGill University and the University of Victoria, Peter’s career path has primarily been in the realm of management and tourism. For many years, Peter owned and operated Salt Spring Kayak and Cycle which found him leading others into the watery corners of British Columbia, Mexico and Italy. Observing the life-changing power of the immersive experience of eco tours was profound for Peter, as were chance encounters with the world’s marine creatures. Peter joined I-SEA around the time of the birth of his first son, and it is this parental responsibility around our generation’s environmental legacy that is an abiding interest. Peter is a practicing artist who is past president of the local Chamber of Commerce and the Salt Spring Gallery artists’ cooperative. Through his continuing role in I-SEA, Peter looks forward to working with the ever-inspiring change agents that are making the world a better place.