Our Mission

The mission of I – SEA is to be an integral, positive force for individuals, organizations and communities striving to practice sustainability. This goal is achieved through educational projects, collaborations, communications and research. The three cornerstones of our work in the world include;

1. Research

Our commitment to socially engaged, leading edge research and community engagement is brought to life through our creative and innovative projects. From working with students, or directly with policy-makers in the community, we strive to see immediate, positive results of our research projects (Ex. Salt Spring Design Charrette, Sustainability Certificate projects, SSI Recycling Program feasibility study, etc.).

2. Action, locally and globally

I-SEA has supported over a hundred projects and educational events in BC, and now collaborates with other organizations to help them live their mission and reach the widest audience, and impact possible. For example, through the collaboration with ClimateAccess.org, I-SEA has helped to facilitate the creation of a network of over 3000 global climate communicators.

3. Community action and activation.

Through the impact of I-SEA research and communications projects, collaborators like the Canadian Centre for Investigative Journalism help us maintain a healthy democracy, a healthy society, and a healthy environment by providing the facts and the stories of how other Canadians are dealing with climate change and social change. Citizens need solid facts and information to make intelligent decisions about their nation and their communities. I-SEA feels that independent, local and national journalism meets these goals.